Christian Abou Haidar
Christian Abou Haidar


Christian Abouhaidar has launched a new innovation in the world of make up in MENA region. Dubbed the Face Design Concept, this pioneering concept in make-up design is ideal for jet setters that travel the world and want their customized make-up looks with them wherever they go.

The next best thing to having a personal make-up artist with you, the concept involves a one-on-one consultation with Abouhaidar to create a customized and personalized 

look that is translated onto a canvas. 

Abouhaidar works closely with the customer to choose colors and shades that best fit the complexion and can easily be translated or re-applied by any make-up artist.

Customers can choose to create any number of looks from daytime to nighttime and can rest assured that they can re-create Abouhaidar’s perfect make-up tricks wherever they go.